Streetlamps walk that line between ‘catchy-as-hell-but-rough-around-the-edges’ pop and loud noisy pissed off post punkers manipulating sonic chaos.


Vocals, Guitar / Jason Davis
Bass / Jay Hackbush
Drums / Andy Sheets




The first thing you notice as you listen to Streetlamps for Spotlights full-length debut Sound and Color is how much these guys love texture. Sometimes it’s subtle, but these textural layers are always present in the songs. Whether it’s in Jason Davis’ guitar work with jagged punches of riffs and noise, or in Jay Hackbush’s solid bass lines keeping things afloat, or Ryan Holquist’s pounding drums going from solid rhythms to full on post-punk explosions -sometimes in the same song- the textures are there. As well as being the 6-string guru of SfS Davis sings over these aural explosions, sometimes like a man on a mission and sometimes like a man looking hopelessly for answers, always though, with a purpose. Sound and Color is part post-punk manifesto and part grizzled, razor wire pop record. Several singles over the last few years have built up to this statement of musical authority. - jhubner73.com


After releasing several 7" singles, Fort Wayne, IN based indie rockers, Streetlamps for Spotlights, have released their debut full length, Sound and Color. The twelve tracks are a grungy and noisy romp through guitar driven rock. The band's classic three piece lineup lends itself perfectly to their sound, giving the album a nice live feel, while not sacrificing studio production quality. -floorshimezipperboots

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